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The Mobile Music Connection A Professional Events, Dj & Recording Studio Service

Music Videos.Photos,Recording studio, Media packages, (Gospel, Jazz, R&B,& Gospel Rap TMMC (619) 573-6281 The Mobile Music Connection




Here’s a few ways you can stay motivated when it comes to being passionate and on fire for music.

1. Stay around people who are excited about music. Before long you will be excited and stirred up too. If you associate with a person who is a visionary, you will soon get a vision too. But if you stay around lifeless people who want to do nothing but complain, sit on the couch, eat chips and watch reality TV, than soon you will be doing the same things. At times, you will have to make a commitment to yourself to distance from friends and family to get a project done. Make a deadline for yourself and stick to it. Get into a schedule that suits your creativity.


Over fifteen years of public speaking experience

Business owner of photo, video, music production  company

Professional DJ and EMCEE

Professional Photographer and Videographer

Community Services Volunteer and Advocate

Music Producer and Performer

Night Engineer Prava Hotel

Music Promoter

Pantry Chef

Fry Cook

Security Person

Creator and founder of Neighorhood Idol, INC Showcase

DJ, Host and Stage Manager of the Annual Holiday Jazz and Blues Festival in Downtown San Diego, CA

DJ and Host of the Delta Blues Festival in Julian, CA

Experience hosting major San Diego Events




I Movie and I DVD

MAC and PC

Automated Radio System Mixing Boards

AKAI MPC2000 XL Pro Sampler

Drum Machine Programming

Multi-tracking, Mixing, MIDI, Sampling Production

Programming & Sequencing

Professional Workstation Sound Modules

Professional DV & HD Cameras

Pro Tools LE Software

Sony Acid Pro Software

Computer Based Recording

Professional Recording Studio Design

VST Insruments and Plug-ins

                 The Mobile Music Connection, Owner                                                                          2000 - Present

                      City of San Diego,  Ground Maintenance II                                                                   2003 - Present

         San Diego Downtown Partnership, Public Safety Ambassador                         2000 - 2002

         U.S GRANT HOTEL, Lead Doorman, Security, & D.J. for Special Events     1997 - 2000




Certificate of Completion from Bill Stairs Broadcaster  @ KSEA FM in 1976

Air Personality Internship at KURS AM Radio Station, 2005



Received two commendations from San Diego Police chief David Bejarano.

Honorable mention from The San Diego Downtown Partnership for the commendations.

Received a promotion to stage manager position for the Holiday Jazz & Blues Festival.

Recognized for being a key person for resolving conflicts at the U.S.GRANT HOTEL.

Received certificate for conflict resolution from classes at the Alpha Project organization.

Recognized By Le Travel Store DownTown San Diego





Local celebrity DJ Phil Real has been spinning at San Diego's special events For years . DJ Phil Real has been working his magic and displaying his creative genius as a DJ for well over ten years.
Phil Real got his start as a second air radio show personality, on the DJ McKay Show on KSEA FM as well as, having been a guest fill-in on the Danny Graham Gospel Marquee show which aired on 1040 K.U.R.S AM. After MC Phil Real exited the live radio show scene he was driven to explore and expand his horizons. Following his dream and passion for music led him to starting the Mobile Music Connection.

The Mobile Music Connection leaves nothing to the imagination it is just that....Its your connection to all of your musical needs. It's services include: DJ, Photos, Videos and recording studio services. DJ Phil Real is a local producer , sound engineer and recording artist himself, therefore, who better to understand the plight of the beginning artist, than an artist himself. Who would know more about what the industry is about and what they require from an artist? Who better to guide you to the door of success and give you the tools that allow you access, other than a man who is still very much a part of the business. He produces and plays all genres of music presently, throughout the San Diego and Los Angeles area. Through photography, recording, video editing and developing for local artists MC DJ Phil Real has made a name for himself and that name is.....THE MOBILE MUSIC CONNECTION--LET HIM CONNECT YOU WITH THE TOOLS YOU NEED TO SUCCEED!

Over fifteen years of public speaking experience
Business owner of photo, video, small music production company
Professional DJ and Emcee
Professional Photographer and Videographer
Community Services Volunteer and Advocate
Music Producer and Performer
Music Promoter
Creator and founder of Neighborhood Idol, INC. Talent Showcase
DJ, Host and Stage Manager of the Annual Holiday Jazz and Blues Festival in Downtown San Diego, CA
DJ and Host of the Delta Blues Festival in Julian, CA
Experience hosting major San Diego Events.
Brother of Gospel Artist Tonex AKA B.Slade

(619) 573-6281










$ 30.00 per hour

$ 200.00 per beat eachbeats  1- 4 minutes

$ 100.00 flat rate per track for vocal added to music on cd


$100.00 flat rate  for graphics ,inserts, cd cover ect. (you will receive one print and the master for future duplications.

There will be a minimum amount of mixing with effects on all music.

No collaborations of any kind what so ever.




Let me load up your ipod or mp3 player with your beats, music, photos or videos


Do you need a recording studio built in your home 

Call me today!



Stay tuned to this site for my next talent showcase


The 2014 East Village Idol Art &Talent Showcase 

Hosted By Dj

 Phil Real & Miss Tia

Comming To The San Diego Homeless & Recovery Community Soon!


The show will involve all the San Diego area Recovery & Homeless community and their family members

 All artist, Singing ,Dancing ,Performing Healing


Sponsors,Vendors Welcome.

A portion of the proceeds will go to the homeless in east village and their families

to make a donation, volunteer or to get involved

Call Dj Phil Real @ (619) 573-6281 Today

Space 4 Art
325 15th Street
San Diego, CA 92101







The Game is Over. In the past the music industry was a game and products like the StudioBLADE were game changers, but nowadays things have gotten to be serious. If you are a professional music producer, you've got every 12 year old kid coming at you armed with a cheap laptop trying to take you down. Your skills and experiences can only defend against that for so long. Super-instruments like the StudioBLADE will give you that extra edge when it really matters. When others can't run big plugins because their computers aren't powerful enough or having to continuously bounce tracks down from MIDI to audio so their computers don't lock up, you can continue to work the way you want, without restraints to dominate. Competition is fierce, why would you go into battle with a handicap? The new StudioBLADE 4, the ultimate weapon for the Music Industry.

The Truth About Laptop Music Production: As shown in the chart, the Core i3-3220 desktop processor has a score of 1537 verses a score of 1502 for the i7-3630GM laptop version. Please note this is only CPU performance and doesn't even take into account the better performance you will get from a desktop motherboard and RAM versus ones found inside a laptop. In addition, often times the power management of the laptop will automatically decrease the performance of the CPU to conserve power, thereby further degrading the processing power of the laptop.

This is exactly why we have refused to use laptop components for our products, because they simply are not sufficient for professional use in our opinion. In fact even the Celeron processor in our ControlBLADE ES all-in-one keyboard production station priced at $999 out performs most high-end i7 laptops priced over $2,000!

While it is possible to create beats and songs using a high-end laptop, the user will quickly run out of processing power or RAM and will have to constantly "bounce-down" tracks to free up CPU power and memory. This takes time, interrupts the creative process and renders the midi track into audio, which cannot then be changed if the user decides to substitute in another instrument or even move the notes around in the editor of the DAW.

All Keyboard Workstations Are Computer Based Now. Contrary to popular belief, all modern day keyboard workstations are simply computers with a processor running an operating system and software connected to hardware controllers, piano keys, and an audio interface. This is just how they work today.

However, there is a dramatic difference between keyboard workstations and the StudioBLADE, which is a keyboard production station.

Keyboard workstations use low-powered processors, run proprietary Linux operating systems and are closed hardware and software-wise, thereby severely limiting their capabilities.

StudioBLADE keyboard production stations on the other hand, are equipped with high-power computer cores (up to 19 times more powerful), run open operating systems such as Windows and Mac OS X, have vastly more expandability (up to 48 times more RAM memory and 273 times more disk storage), higher quality audio (24-bit / 96kHz vs 24-bit /48kHz), sequence, record and play more midi and audio tracks (up to 90 times more), and allow for the use of third party software, sounds and hardware controllers.

Because of this, keyboard production stations are far superior than keyboard workstations and can be used to compose, record, mix, and master complete songs ready for radio play, which keyboard workstations cannot.

In fact, many people today view keyboard workstations as merely hardware dongles for sound libraries, which is similar to a single VST that a keyboard production station can run. As demonstrated in real-world use, several of the keyboard workstations even include a software application which turns the keyboard workstation into a VST to be used inside of a DAW, something the StudioBLADE runs natively.

However in the past some would argue keyboard workstations are better integrated hardware control and software-wise, but that is no longer the case. The StudioBLADE comes standard with a 22" multi-touch touchscreen that allows you to directly control the software interface, eliminating any need for integration at all. This is revolutionary and is not just applicable to a set workflow like most keyboard workstations, but any software you may wish to use. In addition, there are now a number of dedicated hardware controllers, which are designed with the same philosophy of tight integration between hardware and software that you can simply plug into the StudioBLADE and use.

As shown by the reference chart, it is clear that although all modern day keyboard workstations are just computers attached to a keyboard, controller, and audio interface running software, the StudioBLADE…priced competitively, dominates its competition.

Our Design Philosophy: All Music Computing keyboard production stations were designed with the primary goal of creating a musical instrument with the power of a computer and not taking a computer and forcing it to become a musical instrument. Because of this, our products look and feels like traditional musical keyboards, which is vital to the creative processes. Cobbled together personal computer systems with random controllers and audio interfaces are rarely elegant or provide the stability required by today's professional musicians. Constructed from the very best materials and components and backed by superior support, we believe our products are some of the very best in the world today.

World's Most Powerful: StudioBLADEs 4 are powered by high-performance computer cores utilizing Intel® Xeon® server platform processors that are perfect for today's demanding musicians and the virtual instruments and software application they use. Options include dual 6-core processors totaling 12-cores. Since the processors are capable of hyper-threading, they create 24 virtual computer cores of pure processing awesomeness for your favorite DAW or VST host software to use. The Windows 7 Professional (64-bit) operating system is preconfigured for music production and can run virtually any software application or plug-in. Capable of running over 3,000 plug-ins at once, sequencing thousands of tracks simultaneously, and storing millions of sound presets, the StudioBLADE 4 is by far the highest performance keyboard available today. Now you're probably sitting there thinking you'll never need to run 3,000 tracks at once, but that's only part of the story. As you use more processor and RAM intensive plugins like IVORY, OMNISPHERE and others, the more powerful the processor combined with more RAM allows you to run more plug-ins like those. In all other keyboard production stations...even ones with i7 processors, you can usually only run a few of these plugins at once before the system bogs down. With the StudioBLADE, you can run dozens of them and it won't even hiccup.

Why Server Processors? Traditional keyboard production stations utilize consumer grade processors such as the Intel Core i3, i5, and i7, which are essentially lower performance derivatives of Xeon processors. Xeon processors outperform these consumer-grade versions because multiple processors can be used and they are able to access more RAM memory. In addition, since servers are mission-critical and cannot fail, only the best processors are reserved for the server platform from Intel, thus making the Xeons the cream of the crop. In addition, product cycles are getting shorter and shorter on the consumer side, so obsolescence is only a few months away in many instances. However, server platforms are often supported for decades because business will invest hundreds of millions of dollars into computer server farms based on continual support commitments from companies like Intel. By using server processors and motherboards, the StudioBLADE will stay supported and state-of-the-art for years.

GPU Processing: With ever increasing demand for higher performance in the media world, the StudioBLADE 4 meets that challenge with GPU processing. Packing 80 streaming processor cores and 1GB of video memory, the StudioBLADE 4 takes another leap in performance and functionality.

The Most RAM: The StudioBLADE 4 has a total of twelve (12) RAM memory slots, each capable of handling 16GB modules, totaling an unbelievable 192GB of RAM. Each processor has six (6) dedicated slots equipped with triple-channel capabilities making data access faster than virtually any other computer-based music production system. By providing ample RAM to the system, you can run more VSTs and samples than ever before. Take for example plugins like IVORY and OMNISPHERE where each sound can be gigabytes in size. Without the vast amount of RAM the StudioBLADE can offer, you're simply going to run into a brick wall and have your system slow down or even stop working the way you want it to at some point. The StudioBLADE is robust enough to handle anything you can throw at it. No other keyboard workstation or production station can match its performance...period.

The MotherBoard Matters: The StudioBLADE 4 uses a proprietary motherboard specifically designed to meet or exceed standards for mission-critical, server platform use. Its unique shape helps to maintain the compact form factor of the StudioBLADE, allowing it to remain the most compact 61-key and 88-key musical keyboard available today. Designed for easy access, the motherboard never needs to be removed for upgrades. Panels located on the bottom of the chassis allow the user to access specific areas to add new processors, RAM or hard drives. With the extended life-cycle of server platform components and the well-defined upgrade path for the StudioBLADE 4, it's conceivable you will never need to change out your motherboard, thereby saving lots of time, tons of money, and loads of frustration.

Lightning Fast Drives: StudioBLADEs can be outfitted with SSD (solid state drives) for ultra-fast bootup and loading of data and sound libraries. All StudioBLADE 4 models now comes equipped with our new Hyperdrives...a fusion of SSD and 7200 rpm hard drives that are 4x faster, while offering up to 4TB in capacity.

More Keys: StudioBLADEs are available in 61-key and an 88-key versions, perfect for live or studio use. The keys are velocity-sensitive, semi-weighted action, and are professional in feel and ultra-roadworthy. Pitch and Mod wheels as well as octave up and down buttons with indicators are also included.

See More Clearly - Control Everything: StudioBLADEs are equipped with a razor sharp 22" Full 1080p HD (1920 x 1080) LED multi-touchscreen. Capable of two points of simultaneous touches, you can now utilize standard gestures including zoom in, zoom out and rotate with ease. The high resolution and large size of the touchscreens allows you to see the entire project plus plug-ins and other software interfaces all at once, providing unsurpassed access to software controls. In most cases you can control anything you see on the screen instantly. The need to pre-map physical controllers is no longer needed. Simply touch the software control on the screen and you're in command. Perfect for working on the fly with your favorite software or something you just installed. In addition to the fully articulating 22" touchscreen, the StudioBLADE is capable of running one additional external video monitor also at full 1080p HD resolution. For detailed editing or use with software not designed for touchscreens, which may have tiny controls too small for the human finger to command, we include a wireless computer keyboard and mouse. This is efficiency and workflow at its best! (Please note Mac OS X native functions are only single touch at this time, but if multi-touch capable software is being used, the touchscreen will also work in multi-touch mode within the application even in Mac OS X.)

Modular Design: In order to provide the best possible user experience, StudioBLADE 4 utilizes add-on midi controllers, which can be place either on the left or right hand side of the keyboard as required by the user. The optional controller stand allows for the midi controller to be place ergonomically above the top of theStudioBLADE and use of the optional quick release touchscreen bracket lets you instantly detach the touchscreen for safe transportation or use as an independent multi-touch controller without theStudioBLADE. An articulated or fixed table stand is available as needed by the user.

Industry Standard Controllers: Bundled free of charge with eachStudioBLADE is your choice of the Akai APC20 or MPD26. In addition, we provide upgrades to other quality midi controllers from Livid Instruments, Native Instruments, and others at a discount with the StudioBLADE. Complete details can be found in our online store.

The REAL Ultimate Ableton LIVE system: Everyone is always talking about the ultimate Ableton LIVE setup but it's never a complete, coherent and seamless solution. The StudioBLADE with the APC20 changes all that. If you use Ableton LIVE, this is the only setup you will ever need. With the designed modularity, you can create without limits in your studio or home, then download your work into your laptop, detach the APC20 controller and rule the stage live or collaborate with others. Power, flexibility, performance and simplicity of use is finally here.

The Beat Making MONSTER When equipped with the Akai MPD26 drum controller, the StudioBLADE becomes THE one-stop-shop for beat making and music production. More powerful than any other keyboard, can store and run virtually an unlimited number of sounds and audio tracks and compact sized at only 36" wide, the StudioBLADE puts the power of an entire professional studio at your command.

Hear the Difference: The standard configuration for StudioBLADEs include a 24bit-48 kHz audio I/O with two (2) combo XLR & ¼" mic/instrument 48V phantom power inputs, two (2) balanced outputs and a stereo headphone jack. The optional upgrade gives you a 24bit-96 kHz audio I/O with two (2) combo XLR & ¼" mic/instrument 48V phantom power inputs, six (6) ¼" balanced inputs (line-level), two balanced outputs and a stereo headphone jack. StudioBLADEs also offer Firewire ports in the event outboard audio I/O or other Firewire devices are needed.

Thousands of Sounds Included...Add Millions More: SonicSource™ by Music Computing is a virtual synth (VSTi) equipped with three sample-playing layers, two multi-effect racks, and a library of multi-sampled instruments. The sample playing layers allow blending of waveforms and instruments into a wall of sound or alternatively, the use of the three multi-timbral layers as a workstation. These layers can then be further processed through SonicSource's powerful multi-effect racks. Over 8GB of modern and vintage sounds such as those produced by legendary electric keyboards including the Rhodes electric pianos, Hammond and Vox organs, Hohner clavinets, and Moog synthesizers are present as well as effects like tape based delay lines, rotating speaker cabinets, guitar distortion pedals, wah wah, phasing, and flanging are included. Additional sound libraries will be made available from Music Computing in the near future. Video for SonicSource can be found here: SonicSource Demo.

Clone all Keyboards: Since the StudioBLADE is capable of running virtually any Windows 7 software or plug-in, you can install any number of third-party auto-sampling software to "clone" sounds from other keyboard workstations, synthesizers, sound modules or even virtual instruments. Imagine having all your favorite sounds at your finger tips plus more. That's the power of the StudioBLADE.

Complete DAW: Included with each StudioBLADE is Studio One Pro from Presonus. This powerful digital audio workstation (DAW) software enables you to compose, record, edit and master your music with ease to produce professional quality songs. Included are both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions and an additional 10GB of sounds plus the following list of software! • Native Effects™ 32-bit effects library with 20 dynamics processors, reverbs, modulations effects, amp simulators, etc. • Ampire- Amplifier-Modeling • Analog Delay tape-delay emulation • Auto Filter - Envelope Filter • Beat Delay - Tempo-Synchronized Delay • Binaural Pan - Stereo Panning Effect • Channel Strip - Dynamics Processing and Equalizer • Chorus- Mono/Stereo Chorus • Compressor- Mono/Stereo Variable Compressor • Expander- mono/stereo expander • Flanger- Stereo/Mono Flanger • Gate- noise gate, now with MIDI trigger • Level Meter - sizable peak/rms meter • Limiter- Mono/Stereo Limiter • Mixtool- Phase and MS Utility • MixVerb- Mono/Stereo Reverb • Phase Meter phase-correlation analysis • Phaser- mono/stereo phaser • ProEQ - 7-band parametric EQ • Red Light Distortion - distortion processor • Room Reverb - stereo/mono room reverb • Scope- full featured oscilloscope with sidechain input • Spectrum Meter - frequency analyzer • Tricomp- 3-band compressor • Tuner- instrument tuner • X-Trem- mono/stereo tremolo • Four virtual instruments • Impact™ Sample Trigger Drum Instrument with 32 drum kits by Ueberschall™ o Now with multi-velocity layer capability • Presence™Sample Player Virtual Instrument with 200 sampled instruments by Digital SoundFactory™ o Now with multi-FX section and up to 96 voices o NewSynth Session Soundset adds over 150 new instruments • Sample One™ Sampler Virtual Instrument o New design with high-quality filter and switchable filter types, and now up to 96voices • Mojito™ Analog-Modeling Subtractive Synthesizer • Native Instruments™ Kore™ Player with 150 instruments • Native Instruments™ Guitar Rig LE • Toontrack™ EZ Drummer Lite • Nearly 1,400 drum loops (1.4 GB!) by Bandmate™ Loops. Videos for Studio One Pro can be found here: Studio One Pro Tutorials..

Compact and Light: Traditional production stations are big and heavy, by using the latest technologies and manufacturing processes, StudioBLADE keyboard production stations are arguably the most compact and lightest available. The 61-key version is only 36" in length and weighs approximately 42lbs (with LED detached), making it portable enough to go just about anywhere.

The Goldilocks Principle: At Music Computing, we believe in providing our customers with what they need, when they need it. This means you can start with the base configuration for the StudioBLADE with a single processor, one (1) memory module and one (1) hard drive, and add more as you need it. That's the magic about the new StudioBLADE 4, it's the right size tool for your needs the day you purchase it, and it will stay the perfect tool for you for many years to come.

Ground-Breaking Price: In the past, keyboard production stations or keyboard workstations outfitted with external computers were relatively expensive, leaving the average person to only dream about owning one. Well-equipped StudioBLADEs start at only $3,999, making them an affordable tool virtually any musician can afford.